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Cigar Bar in St. Louis, MO: The Ultimate Pairing

Discover How Bourbon Naturally Compliments Tobacco At Santino’s Cocktails& Cigars

Unwind In The Only Place In The Area That You Can Buy a Cigar, Smoke It, and Drink Bourbon In The Same Establishment!

Missouri’s top cigar bar not only offers a great social setting and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your favorite tobacco blends, but also a way to try different premium liquors with your cigar to bring out the natural flavors associated with smoking. Santino’s Cocktails & Cigars, can help you cultivate a newfound appreciation for your favorite cigar by introducing a glass of bourbon, served neat, on the rocks or combined with the mixer of your choice for the perfect pairing. And the best part? You can try many different brands and styles of bourbon to find the one that really amps up the flavor of your cigar.

Santino’s Cocktails & Cigars also carries a wide variety of popular cigars so that you can try other bourbon and tobacco combinations before investing in a bottle and a box. We have a premium humidor which keeps our tobacco products in an optimal storage environment to bring you a quality smoke and, of course, our top shelf of world class bourbons to sip while you smoke.

Find YOUR Perfect Pair At Santino’s Cigars & Cocktails

Whether you find a smooth Canadian bourbon or a stout Irish whiskey boosts the intensity of flavors in your cigar of choice, the journey to your perfect pair starts at Santino’s, St. Louis’ favorite hotspot for cigar aficionados and tobacco enthusiasts. Our beautiful wait staff can recommend the house favorites and help guide you on your path to the ultimate in tobacco time satisfaction. Stop by today to begin trying this classic combination…or to begin your own paired tradition.