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Monday 11-9pm

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Wednesday-Thursday 11-midnight

Friday-Saturday 11-1am

Sunday 11-7pm

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The Santino’s Story:

Meet Our Owner

Michael and Shannon Marino

Michael Marino Welcomes Fellow Cigar Aficionados

Meet Our Owner, Michael Marino

Over 60 years ago, Michael Marino’s father, Joe, arrived in the United States from his native Italy without a job and with very little money. Michael likes to tell the story that his father landed in New York with a big dream, a hole in his shoe and an empty suitcase; he was too proud to not carry one. After learning our language and customary business practices, Joe founded American Auto Radiator Company, and after building a successful company, brought Michael on as President.

After selling the family business established since 1946, Michael Marino struggled to find a career path he enjoyed. But after taking a vacation in the Dominican Republic, he discovered a new passion. Cigars.

When Michael returned to home, he dove into learning anything and everything about cigars. This included looking for local places to enjoy them. He discovered that due to restrictive smoking regulations, there are very few places one can buy a cigar and a drink and actually smoke and drink them in the same establishment. Mike found Havana Cigar Room in Arnold was one of those rare places. He started going and made a point to meet the owner, April Nickles. Fortunately for both Mike and April, the timing was right to sell Havana Cigar Room, which Michael has transformed into Santino’s Cigars & Cocktails. Santino is Michael's mother's maiden name and a nod to the movie, The Godfather.

Besides giving the place a facelift, Mike had a state-of-the-art humidor installed to perfectly climatize the new and vast variety of cigars he offers. He introduced a wider selection of adult beverages as well, including craft beer and the premium bourbons and scotches that are so classically paired with cigars.

And now we are thrilled to offer you Santino’s Cigars & Cocktails, where aficionados or novices can enjoy premium cigars, accessories and delicious cocktails served by beautiful bartenders.